Day 17: vlogging

Sept 17th: Be brave: make a vlog!

Vlogging is not my jam.

That is as real as it gets.

I was going to make my roommate do it with me, but I got an ounce of courage and decided to just get it over with.

As I mentioned, I will not be blogging the next 5 days. I will write it, but post it when I have internet access.

These next 5 days will be about:

1. Jesus. Always Jesus.
2. Unplugging!
3. Spending time with my bests!!
4. Planning to be captivated in His creation.
5. Discovering the world with my new Nikon. As promised, we will be inseparable.


Like Christmas!

Earlier, I tried to cheat and make a vlog of my coworkers. I started filming Herman. And the rest just kind of followed along. Love them.

See y’all in a five days! 🙂

You’ll travel safely,
you’ll neither tire nor trip.
You’ll take afternoon naps without a worry,
you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.
No need to panic over alarms or surprises,
or predictions that doomsday’s just around the corner,
Because God will be right there with you;
he’ll keep you safe and sound. (Proverbs 3:23-26, MSG)

Brave Love Blog


2 Comments Add yours

  1. -Bess- says:

    Your co-workers seem like the best – my job is typically at different locations, so I never get to know anyone & don’t really have co-workers – you’re blessed with those crazy guys! Glad you were brave & did a vlog! I did one, but didn’t show my face {cause I’m a chicken – well, cause I just don’t do that (that sounds nicer)}. Hope you have {had} a lovely exciting fun relaxing trip.


    1. haha i love those crazy kooks!! i visited your blog, but it wouldn’t let me watch the video. i will go watch it now 🙂


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