It is the end of September. And this blogtember challenge has been real.

I haven’t blogged the past three days, but I love ending this challenge on this prompt:

What were your highs and lows for this month?

This challenge definitely lived up to it’s name. And it is a victory to see it through. I am super grateful to have done this. It has sparked something in my soul. To write. To shoot more photographs. To create. To appreciate creation. To be an arrow to Jesus.

The highs? How do I count the ways??

Niece and Nephew sleep over.
Cruisin with Andrea and Priss
Cruisin with Andrea and Priss



Lalo returns!
Lalo returns!
eva's birthda
eva’s birthday
andrea's birthday
andrea’s birthday
ebeth's birthday
ebeth’s birthday
keisha's birthday
keisha’s birthday
Lizzie's birthday
Lizzie’s birthday
jackie's birthday
jackie’s birthday
sissy, niecey time
sissy, niecey time
these beautiful souls
and these girls.
and these girls.

The girls in the picture above, are my future roommates. It took us 42 pictures to get this one. What were the other 42 pictures like?


like this
or this

such joy!

There were lows this month. BOY were there lows. I think the Lord has made me look in the mirror to see my flesh. I think the Lord has made me look at the darkest parts of my heart and has shown me what exactly we need to work on. And through His grace and mercy I have been loved through those fleshy and ugly parts. Not only by Him, but by the people that are pictured through this post.

My heart was broken last week. With the death of a patient. And I was grateful for the heartbreak. It meant I could feel pain. And in the midst of that, I can feel joy and peace. It brought out a side of me I never expected. And I was loved, anyways.

Post blogtember challenge, my prayer for this blog is to show the journey of how I am continuously falling in love with Jesus, every. single. day. He is, after all, my first love.

Here’s the upcoming season. It’s been real, y’all.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. iwillbloom says:

    Love how very very happy you look in all of the photos! So sorry to hear about your patient….wishing you only good things for the coming weeks xxx


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