It’s really funny how life just puts you in the swing of routine. Where you end up in the monotony, even though you try to make it as exciting as possible. Where you end up complacent. Or worse, so deep into your own muck that you miss the point of life.

I don’t think I’m in this space, often. But I like being comfortable. I prefer to be comfortable.

And that place is dangerous.

Comfort often brings me to a place where I feel as if I can handle life on my own. Where I am dependent on my own strength and abilities.

Comfort often gives me a tunnel vision perspective. Tunnel vision that zooms in on something so focused, you forget that there’s a whole wide world out there.

This is the most dangerous space to live in.

I’m waiting to board a plane to go to the Philippines. And without a shadow of a doubt, it’s going to shatter my life. And I can’t wait for it to.

To stretch me out of the comfortable zone.

To stretch me out of a perspective that is so egocentric that I forget the world around me and the world far beyond my reach.

To disconnect with the norm and make new connections. Not just for my brain, but for my heart.

And more often than not, to reconnect with hearts I have not seen in three years.

I’m super excited about that.

More than anything, I want to delve into a deeper relationship with Christ. And these next three weeks, I will be unplugged with no distractions. I can’t wait to see how the Holy Spirit leads.

For the shepherds are stupid: they don’t seek the LORD. Therefore they have not prospered, and their whole flock is scattered. Jeremiah 10:21

Father, may I never have a heart that is complacent and is stuck in the routine of first world problems. As I was procrastinatingly (yes I just made that word up) packing, I actually said, “Geez, I have too many clothes.” When a week ago, I said the exact opposite and said I had nothing to wear. Lord when I am comfortable, my dependence on you falters. I do not want to have a life that is not effective in Your kingdom. Only you’re going to keep my flock together. Whether it’s the flock of work. The flock of ministry. The flock of family. I have no strength or talent that does not have your fragrance. May you make me a shepherd that seeks you ALL the days of my life.

Guide my footsteps! Guide the conversations. Soften the hearts of the people I will meet. You’ve set me apart. Give me undaunting courage. You’re all I need.

Ever thine,
Ever mine,


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