31. The piano riffs of Aretha Franklin’s cover of Bridge over Troubled Water 

32. Friday selfies 


33. The uncomfortable feeling of insecurity and learning how to lean into it.

34. Christ’s redemption from fleshy emotions and thoughts

35. Sisters who will pray for your struggle, regardless of how shameful it is

36. Couch time with sweet Katie

37. High school nostalgia

38. Reminiscing on the past with someone who has lived life with you for 15 years (love you Rocky!)

39. Those lovely crawmamas and crab cakes.

40. How the guitar riffs of El Scorcho still make me feel better when I’m in my feelings…even 12 years later

41. Couch time with Insomniac Tosin

42. Roomie giving me the last swigs of Coke Zero, simply because she knows I love it. (Thanks Tosy)

43. The reminder that my security lies in Christ and not the things or people in this world. I pray Justin Bieber realizes that.

See 7:10 of video


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