78. The grace of being unaffected by the flood in Houston

79. Time to complete work at work. (This sounds silly, but paperwork is often brought home) 

80. Getting to know a coworker on a deeper level as I took her home due to her car getting flooded 

81. Knowing the streets of Houston well enough to maneuver through random flood spots such as this:

82. City workers who respond to emergency situations. While we hide in our cocoons, they leave theirs to make sure the public is safe.

83. My kitchen. A lot of life happens in there. Hearts poured out. And not just between my roommates and I

84. The freedom to have people come over and vent 

85. Sharing planned meals

86. 9 second hugs in group form

87. Couch time with Tosin being an earnest time of deep prayer and crying out to our maker

88. How the Lord facilitates connection in ways we could never do ourselves.

89. Birthday wishes for my favorite Honduran. His existence has blessed many people, myself included. 



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