90. The attitude of gratitude has shaped my capacity to love. I feel everything.

91. Texts of encouragement for my sweet cousin RJ. 8500 miles can’t stop our hearts from connecting on a deeper level. Miss him everyday

92. Being accompanied on my one hour commute home by chatting on the phone with my best. (You’re the greatest to process with Prissy! It’s those almost 16 years!)

93. The laughter shared with my coworkers. Work would be so difficult and dark without them. 

94. Truly appreciating a sweet friendship that Christ knit together with a different perspective. 

95. The presence of this cutie in my life named Filiberto. He is one of my favorite people. And life is so colorful with him. Too colorful. Love you, habeebs. 

96. Caffeine. It was one of those days.

97. The presence of growing bellies in my life. Shout out to Honeycomb, Sugar cane, Craisin, and nugget! Love my pregnant ladies

98. The privilege of helping wounded hearts

99. Words of affirmation from an unexpected source.

100. How the Holy Spirit moves in His people. It is electrifying!


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