Eucharisteo – weekend edition

121. Seeing a mother and son walk home. She was telling him something important. And he was listening intentionally. It was beautiful.

121. This sweet hair! Love Wesley!

122. Babysitting sweet babies so their parents can have Bible Study

123. F O O D! Breakfast bar!!! Thanks Edna! You’re the greatest!

124. Realizing that missing even one night of conversation with your ride or die roomie, you miss a TON. (#adventuresoftoseandmare)

125. Driving through the neighborhood, we saw a lot of these.

126. Our dining room table got a lot of action last night. So grateful that we can have fellowship in this house with our sibs. #diningroomsessions

127. Phone date sessions with Jenn

128. Impromptu movie night with Monica.

129. Having a roommate that will take  something she loves so dearly and give it to you, because it’s a better fit. Though you fight her tooth and nail, she will almost make you take it to practice receiving a blessing with no strings attached. (Thanks for the chair tosy)

130. Clearing out so much space in my room that I can move the furniture I bought inside. (The struggle was real)

131. New sheets

132. New pillowcase that I received from Amanda last year.

Someone wasn’t amused :/

133. Sunday morning doughnut/kolache run at Best Donuts to see our favorite girl Bri.

134. Sitting on the steps with my roomie eating our breakfast in complete silence. #zen

135. My church family and their transparency. I love that my church loves inter generationally. And that we live life with each other. It’s so sweet

136. Mango month at Khun Kay Thai Cafe! It takes two to Mango was so delish!

137.  Fat cat creamery with these fat cats!

138. Seeing this beauty in the front yard

139. Propping your feet up on someone’s bed is a beautiful sign of comfort with space and each other

140. Having people in your life that love to plan events

141. Timehop app and how it connects you to friends new and old.


143. The humbleness of confession. And how to humbly confess sin to the person you have sinned against.

144. Air conditioning and fans in the hot heat.

145. Praying for someone you met because their transparency shook your heart.

The beat goes on.


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