Get to it.


When it comes to the roommate lottery, I win. It is a crazy blessing to come home to these two Godly women who love me in ways I cannot describe.

Today was a hot and cold day at work. High drama in the beginning, which evened itself at the end of the day drama.

But I was going to call in, because I found myself physically exhausted, last night. And my allergies flared up. Of course, God had different plans.

I find myself a hypocrite. As I taught about taking a Sabbath this week at church, I realize, I have not taken one. Sundays are my busiest days and Saturdays keep getting full.

One roommate has determined that I need at least 30 minutes of me time, which she fondly calls “30 Mare Time Minutes”. And one let me borrow her book “Audacious” because as she read it, she kept thinking of me.

When my allergies flare up, eating pho always makes me feel better.

So here I sat in my cozy house, alone, with pho and this book.

And within minutes, it revives me.

The person you are when you love Jesus with everything in you–with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength–is the real you. The brilliant you. The bring it you. The breathtaking you. The born-for-this you. The person you were born to be crawls out of the shell of a heart cracked wide-open to the audacious love of Christ. When your heart, your soul, your mind, and might are engaged in a wholly invasive holy affection, march yourself into the nearest bathroom and look in the mirror over the sink. 

That’s you.

And what that woman in that mirror in that condition of teeming affection most wants to do is most likely that woman’s calling or the carrier of that direction. Does that woman in that mirror want to help the homeless, teach kindergarteners, visit shut-ins, teach Bible classes, reach the unreached, write a book, work on an album, foster children, go to seminary, work with preteen girls, tutor underprivileged kids, work in law enforcement, fight human trafficking, finish creating that cookbook, pursue an acting career, become a college professor, manage money for nonprofits, run a corporation, do medical missions, volunteer at a women’s shelter, or be a network news anchor?

When the blood in your veins runs hot with holy affection for the living Christ, what do you want to do the most? Paul put it this way: Christ’s love compels us. When Christ’s love invades every cell in your body, what are you compelled to do? The follow up question is critical. The answer to it is where the rubber meets the road, where dreams become realities and destinies that defy gravity finally get fulfilled. This is it: What would it take to do it? You answer those two questions: What are you most compelled by the love of Christ to do? and What would it take to do it?–then identify one first step toward that direction, and child, you will find the next place to plant your foot on your divinely planned path. 

Don’t tell me you’re too young. Don’t tell me you’re to old. Don’t tell me you’re too scared. Don’t tell me you’re too busy. Get to it. Nobody but you can do it. 

Audaciously by Beth Moore

If I can think of what a colorful life would look like, it would be THIS!




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