The Colorful Life: Week 3

Today, there was a huge flood in Houston.

By God’s grace and HIS alone, our house, which is located five blocks away from the bayou, was not affected.

I got nervous when the water crept up past the sidewalk. But we prayed for God to hold back the rain, and he did. And slowly but surely, we saw our curbs, then our road. Our sweet Caversham Drive.

Be in prayer for all of those affected by the flood today. Our city is resilient. But it was not even a year ago, when we had the bayou spill over last Memorial Day. And people were still renovating from that and recovering from that.

One of the many things we did today was clean. So productive. It’s not often that we are forced to stay home.

And I decided to edit the rest of week 3.

This was one of my favorite weeks. Week 3. Full of people, love, food and still feeling the excitement of a new year.

Week 4 will come…before the end of this week.


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