The Colorful Life

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Marianne. She has a good friend named Jennifer. Marianne was telling Jennifer stories about her crazy life. Jennifer exclaimed, “Boy, your life sure is colorful.”

Marianne loved that sentence. She thought, “Who wouldn’t want a colorful life? Full of fuchsias, periwinkles, and cyans!!!” Marianne’s favorite color happens to be Canary Yellow.

Since that conversation, Marianne has truly appreciated how colorful life has been. In fact, Marianne has realized that life, thus far, has been rich.

At the end of 2015, Marianne discoveredĀ that besides her memory, there has not been a tangible way to look through 2015 and see all the different colors from the crayon box.

For years, Marianne and her dear friend Alice have tried to do photography challenges. Which they have consistently failed.

One day, to help keep them connected, they decided to do a photography challenge that was more than just a photography challenge. They decided to make a photography challenge that had a deeper meaning for the soul. They decided to grab their cameras every day and document their life through snapping photographs. Snapshots of gratitude. Snapshots of contentment. Snapshots of frustration. Snapshots of anger. Snapshots of life. The Creator has loved creating the world. Marianne and Alice want to see the glorifying glimpses of His Heavenly perspective and His beautiful creation.

So they decided to call this photography challenge The Colorful Life.

They are starting January 1, 2016.

They would be honored if you could join them in their journey. All you have to do is hashtag: #thecolorfullifechallenge

No prompts.
No rules.
Just pick up your camera and start shooting.

You may just be blessed enough to capture sweet moments with people you love.


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